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Glock G19 Gen3 9mm Compact 15-Round Pistol


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The Glock G19 Gen3 9MM Compact 15-Round Pistol features a 15-round magazine capacity and hexagonal barrel rifling. Measuring just 6.85″ in length and weighing only 29.98 oz. when loaded, the compact design and light weight of this gun make it suitable for concealed carry. Includes 2 magazines.

Features and Benefits

  • Weighs 20.99 oz. unloaded and 29.98 oz. loaded
  • 6.85″ long
  • Right-hand, hexagonal barrel rifling
  • Includes 2 magazines
  • 4.02″ barrel
  • Gen3
  • Compact size makes the gun suitable for concealed carry
  • 15-round magazine capacity offers rapid, powerful firing


  • Trigger pull (lb.): 5.5
  • Handedness: Right
  • Grip: Polymer
  • Rate of twist: 9.84 in.
  • Product weight: 20.99 oz. unloaded; 29.98 oz. loaded
  • Manufacturer warranty – general: 1 year warranty
  • Style: Pistol
  • Magazine capacity: 15
  • Manufacturer warranty – parts: 1-year
  • Barrel length (in.): 4.02
  • Action: Double
  • Rifle Ammo Type: Centerfire
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Product length (in.): 6.85
  • Manufacturer warranty – labor: 1-year

What’s in the Box

  • Glock G19 Gen3 9MM Compact 15-Round Pistol
  • 2 magazines

Important Product and Safety Information

  • We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.
  • You must be a resident of the state selected for pickup.
  • Please note that all firearm purchases require valid US government issued ID and related firearm paperwork.

Buy Glock 19 Online At Best Price

The Glock 19 3rd generation pistol is a 9mm handgun that is popular for hunting and personal protection as well. It offers great firepower allowing you to shoot fast without losing the accuracy of your shots. If you want to buy Glock 19 online, you have reached the right place. At Ammoandriffles, we have a large collection of the latest Glock 19 from certified manufacturers across the United States.

Due to its reduced dimension, smooth handling, and concealed carry size without reducing all-important magazine capacity. The modular backstrap system works amazingly and makes it possible to instantly customize its grip to fit any hand size. No matter whether you shot from the right or left hand, the reversible magazine makes it perfect to work with all types of shooters.

Why Should You Buy Glock 19 Online?

The Glock 19 is back with a better design than ever with its Gens reboot.  This true classic is undoubtedly the best handgun for a trusted & accurate concealed carry weapon. Its ambidextrous features an all-new frame design that makes it a perfect pair for every shooter. Also, one thing which might excite you to buy Glock 19 online is its precision to boot.

With the compact frame, it has much room for impressive firepower and magazine capacity, and all above, it is perfectly designed to fit any hand size. At Ammoandriffles, we stock an impressive collection of a variety of handguns that goes beyond Glock. However, it is the most selling product in the store. If you want to buy Glock 19 online, you can order it from here and we will ship orders above $500 free of cost.

Reason To Buy Glock 19 Online From Ammoandriffles

Glock pistols line our shelves as they remain high in demand year-round. With a dedicated fanbase, Glock has proved that it will remain in demand for more years to come. If you are going to buy Glock 19 online and not sure about your decision, here are some possible reasons why people are mad about it.

  • Availability

Take a walk around your nearest ammunition store and chances are you will find a Glock 19 there on the shelves. With  43% of Americans having Glock 19, it holds the title of being the most reliable pistol in the market. Moreover, you might get a good discount on it because every gun shop has this. If you buy Glock 19 online from Ammoandriffles, we can ship it free of cost with other items above $500.

  • Uniformity at the best

A Glock is a Glock is a Glock – means, no matter which generation of Glock you are buying, they all look and function the same with some upgrade in firepower. So, you can gauge through our collection move between various models conveniently.

  • Easy to Maintain

If we have to name the easiest gun on the board, we would name only ‘Glock 19’. It has taken the industry by storm with its simplicity and flexibility. No special tools to disassemble and cleaning hardly takes 15 minutes.

  • Reliability

According to all the preferred platforms by law enforcement agencies worldwide, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Custom, and Border Protection, Glock Pistol holds the title for the most reliable pistol to use under pressure. So, if you are looking for reliable firearms for personal protection, you can buy Glock 19 online.

  • Price

While there are certainly plenty of handguns with premium price tags of more than $5000, you can buy Glock 19 online from Ammoandriffles anywhere between $540 to $800, based on the customization you want.

Buy Glock 19 Online Now!

Glock 19 in general is perhaps the best handgun for multiple uses. If you are in search of a versatile gun for sale around, Glock 19 is something you can count on. At Ammoandriffles, we have multiple options available for you. You can either buy Glock 19 online now or gauge through our collection in search of a better handgun available there. Happy Shooting!


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