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As an integral part of our commitment to providing our customers with unmatched quality firearms through our huge collections, we always draw products from the major firearm brands as Beretta, Rock Island, FNH, Browning, Ruger, Remington, Smith and Wesson, and more.

If your weapon license is recognized by the federal ammunition department, you can buy pistols online from our website. Be it for powerful blowback energy or a smooth recoil operation, we have a wide range of semi-automatic pistols that are perfect for personal or family protection.

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Technical Spec To Know

With multiple topics involved in the firearm business, there is no one answer that answers all your pistol-related questions. Neither, there is one pistol that meets all your needs. Most people associate pistols with handguns while they are different. Unlike a revolver, pistols don’t have multiple chambers. It only has one chamber and leverages the energy of the previous fire force to load the next round and the cycle goes on. The fired shell exists through the breach, and the next round is ready to be shot.

There are semi-automatic and single-shot pistols – loaded with a single-ball and shot by a flint striker. The technology used behind the single-shot has significantly improved over the years and some older versions are still available. Talking about the capacity, pistols win over revolvers and other handguns. A semi-auto’s magazine can hold up to a dozen cartridges at once.

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