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How To Order a Gun Online? Go-to-Go Guide On How To Buy A Gun Online

Be it for hunting, recreation, target shooting, or personal defense, you might be looking for firearms at times. But, do you know how to buy a gun online? With thousands of online gun stores, it might be a bit complicated to learn how to order a gun online. With Ammoandriffles, you don’t need to worry about the process anymore.

Over the years, we have been helping people purchasing the right weapon and ammo at ease. With a user-centric online gun website, we have simplified the process. Today, buying a gun online is way easier than you’ve ever thought. However, the biggest question remains the same – is it legal to buy a gun online?

Well, yes. It is completely legal to order a gun online in some states. According to federal laws, it is legal and safe unless you come across the wrong website. At Ammoandriffles, we have been offering a wide range of the latest guns and ammo in accordance with firearms rules & regulations.

In this blog post, we will elaborate on how to buy a gun online or how to order a gun online. While both are the same terms, people might get confused between them. So, let’s get started.

How to Buy a Gun Online?

Before we dig into how to order a gun online, let’s gauge through the federal laws to buy firearms online.

These rules & regulations might differ from state to state – some states may have extra regulations on purchasing online firearms or the l0cal gun store might have transaction-related rules. Here’s a few common concerns when ordering a gun online;

  • Firearms Purchase/Transfer

When ordering a gun online, you’ll need to get the firearm “Transferred” to you on your license.

A transfer often requires you to fill out an ATF form, named Form 4473, and sometimes the background verification as well. The verification is simple and often requires answering a series of questions.

  • Firearm Background Verification

Once you complete form 4473, you must meet the background check requirements. Most online gun dealers run a background check through the Federal National Instant Criminal Check System (NICCS).

However, some states might have other requirements based on different factors. For instance, states like California where the crime rate is comparatively high might ask questions regarding your reason to buy a weapon. It becomes tough if you already occupy a weapon and request another one.

Steps To Learn How To Order a Gun Online

So, are you ready to buy a gun online? Great! But if you wonder how to order a gun online, don’t worry about it at all. Here, you’ll learn the simplest way to buy a gun online.

Step #1: Get A Federal Firearms License In Your State

Your wish to buy a gun online starts turning true when you apply for a firearm license in your state.

Above all, you’ll need to confirm that the local FFL is ready to accept firearms transferred to you. Some FFLs don’t accept it because they see online gun sales as their competition. FFLs may also charge a small or big amount on your purchase to issue a license to get your firearm shipped at your doorstep. With  Ammoandriffles, you can get it done easily as we allow you to finalize your FFL address at the time of shipping.

Step #2: Arrange The Firearm Transfer

Once you convinced the FLL to accept the transfer to their address, it’s time to set up your transfer. At Ammoandriffles, we allow customers to arrange their transfers in minutes and make payments securely.

This doesn’t end here. You’ll also need to provide FFL with the credentials or information you shared while setting up your transfer. While this is an essential part of the process, it doesn’t fully answer how to buy a gun online.

Step #3: Order The Gun Online

That’s why you have been learning ‘how to order a gun online.’ Not final, but an essential aspect of your purchase. Since you have been searching for your favorite gun for so long, it is time to place an order.

We have a huge collection of top manufacturers in the United States. Browse through our range and pick your favorite weapons. Be it a shotgun, long-range sniper, a concealed-carry handgun, or a Glock-19, you’ll get everything here.

Some of our top-selling brands are;

  • Thompson
  • Winchester
  • Walther
  • Stevens
  • Sig Sauer
  • Powerbelt

Step #4: Coordinate The Transfer Through The Process

Either during the checkout process or a few minutes later, you will get a confirmation code. You can take your order from there, but you will need to submit a copy of the purchase at FFL.

That’s it! Now, you can have fun with your gun. Go for hunting or target shooting, guns from Ammoandriffles are 100% safe & reliable.

Let Ammoandriffles Do The Hard Work For You!

So, you see here, how to order a gun online. Is it easier than you’ve imagined? Of course, it will be as our experts at Ammoandriffles have left no stone unturned to simplify the process of purchasing guns online. Whether you need just a weapon or ammunition as well, you will get it right from our door.

Happy Shopping! Order now and get free shipping on orders above $500.